febbraio 2012

International congress: Kreta, Krithn ekatompolin, Insel der hundert Satdte
Erlangen, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,
Interdisziplinäres Zentrum Alte Welt,
18 Febbraio 2012

Anna Lucia D’Agata

How to become a city-state: Collectivity, masculinity and self-representation
in Early Iron Age Sybrita

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ottobre 2011

11th International Cretological Congress
Rethymnon, 21-27 October 2011

Anna Lucia D’Agata, Marie-Claude Boileau, Sara De Angelis

Do Italians do it better? Handmade burnished ware from Thronos Kephala (ancient

Handmade Burnished Ware (HBW) is one of the most debated ceramic classes of Late Palatial and Post Palatial Greece, whose chart of distribution includes the Mainland, Crete, Cyprus and the Levant. Recent studies have made clear that the main parallels for HBW may be found in the handmade production of Southern Italy and, to a lesser extent, Northern Greece. In the last study seasons carried out on thematerial from Thronos Kephala (ancient Sybrita) a group of sherds which may be referred to HBWwas identified. Although a fragment of HBWwas already known from the site, the circulation in the settlement of a few vases realized following a foreign tradition of pottery manufacture in the course of the 12th century BC deserves a deeper enquiry. It is the aim of this paper to present some preliminary results on this new archaeological evidence trying to assess its importance within the local context and in the wider world.


agosto 2010

A. L. D’Agata, Τελετουργία, περιβάλλον και τοπίο στην Κρήτη του 12ου αιώνα π.Χ. Η ίδρυση του οικισμού της Συβρίτου, relazione letta al Convegno Internazionale H ΕΠΑΡΧΙΑ ΑΜΑΡΙΟΥ ΑΠΟ ΤΗΝ ΑΡΧΑΙΟΤΗΤΑ ΩΣ ΣΗΜΕΡΑ, svoltosi nella valle di Amari, a Creta, dal 27 al 31 agosto 2010

S. De Angelis, Pottery and function. The ceramic material from the ritual pits at Thronos Kephala (ancient Sybrita), relazione letta al Convegno Internazionale H ΕΠΑΡΧΙΑ ΑΜΑΡΙΟΥ ΑΠΟ ΤΗΝ ΑΡΧΑΙΟΤΗΤΑ ΩΣ ΣΗΜΕΡΑ, svoltosi nella valle di Amari, a Creta, dal 27 al 31 agosto 2010

22-26 settembre 2008

Marie-Claude Boileau, Anna Lucia D’Agata, James Whitley
M.C. Boileau, A.L. D’Agata, J. Whitley, J. 2011,
Pottery Production in Iron Age Crete Viewed in the Context of Regional
and External Trade Networks: A Ceramic Petrology Perspective,
in Meetings Between Cultures in the Ancient Mediterranean,
Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Classical Archaeology,
Rome 22-26 September 2008,
Bollettino di Archeologia On-line, Numero Speciale

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26 maggio 2008

Marie-Claude Boileau

Pottery Production and Consumption at Iron Age Knossos and Thronos Kephala (Ancient Sybrita), British School at Athens, Upper House Seminars, Atene

13 Maggio 2008

Marie-Claude Boileau, Anna Lucia D’Agata, James Whitley

Continuity and Change in Pottery Production in Central Crete in the Aftermath of the Late Bronze Age Collapse, Poster, 37th International Symposium on Archaeometry, Siena

6 maggio 2008

Marie-Claude Boileau

Petrographic Study of Early Iron Age Pottery from Thronos Kephala (Ancient Sybrita), Crete: Preliminary Results, Seminario, Biblioteca dell’ICEVO-CNR, Via Giano della Bella 18, Roma

29 aprile 2008

Anna Lucia D’Agata

Rito, ambiente e paesaggio a Creta nel XII secolo a.C. La fondazione dell’insediamento di Sybrita, Incontro di studio “Il territorio e gli insediamenti in Europa e nel Mediterraneo: un Progetto CNR tra approcci metodologici e prospettive”, Roma, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

14 febbraio 2008

Marie-Claude Boileau,Dark Age Crete: Petrographic Analysis of Coarse Wares from Knossos and Thronos Kephala(Ancient Sybrita) at the Beginning of the 1st Millennium BC, Workshop on the Petrography of Archaeological Materials, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield.

Novembre 2004 - Mostra fotografica a Thronos

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Novembre 2004- Minoan Seminar ad Atene

Anna Lucia D'Agata, "Cretan Warriors of the Early Dark Age. A Figured Bell-Krater from Thronos Kephala (Ancient Sybrita) and the Rise of a Microstate in Central Western Crete".
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